Custom Tile Design Detroit MI

So, you’re set on using tiles for your next project but are not sure which tiles or designs to go for? This is where we step in! Our team has extensive experience in offering custom tile designs that fit your budget and aesthetic needs. We offer professional custom tile designs where we can arrange tiles to create a larger design, or help you find designs that fit the theme and color scheme you are looking for. We can also mix and match tile sizes, shapes, and designs so that you have a finished product that is full of color and texture.

Kitchen Tile Backsplash Ideas
Ceramic tiles serve as the perfect material for your kitchen tile and backsplash. We will help you work out which tiles and designs you would like to incorporate into your backsplash by showing you the smaller tiles that serve to cover the area between your countertops and your cabinets. Many clients often choose smaller tiles for the backsplash because the tiles can fit into the smaller gap and can be distinguished from the rest of your flooring tiles. These tiles are usually also finished with a semi-gloss or glossy topcoat to give them that little extra bit of sheen.

Subway Tiles
Subway tiles are another design form of tiles that we can assist with installing, if you are looking to add tile to the surrounding areas of your kitchen to serve as a wall layer instead of traditional paint. Subway tiles, like the name indicates, are lined throughout the entire surface layer of your wall and are fitted together to create a uniform surface. Subway tiles are a great way to enhance efficiency and beauty throughout your kitchen and without mixing your tiles with paint or other interior material. Subway tiles are suitable for both the kitchen and bathrooms.

Remodeling your bathroom requires extensive planning and budgeting so that the price and design are just right. We help you get there using our custom tile services and by offering you tile installation solutions that are affordable, reliable, and high-quality. Your tiles have the potential to change the entire appearance and aesthetic of your kitchen, and any room in your home really. We can also assist with restyling the layout of a room during a remodel and incorporating tiles where you may not have thought to before. Tiles can make your remodeled room fresh, clean, and bright.

We believe in using tiles because of their longevity and durability. Tiles are extremely firm and provide unbeatable amounts of versatility combined with strength, given the different designs and patterns they come in, and how well tiles hold up against moisture and fluctuating temperatures. You can trust your tiles to provide long-term reliability with any interior project, especially your kitchen or bathroom. Tiles provide the same amount of longevity, regardless if you decide to use them for flooring projects, or as subway tiles to line your walls, backsplashes tiles along your kitchen’s walls, or as countertops for your kitchen.

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