Fireplace Tile Installation and Repair Detroit MI

Along with providing tile installation throughout your home and for your flooring, we can also assist with tile installation for your fireplace. Often times, many forget that you can use tiles for your fireplace even though ceramic tiles offer extreme durability, safety, and comfort because they are heat-resistant and, therefore, a perfect building material to use for your fireplace. Ceramic tiles come in several designs and patterns which can accommodate the interior aesthetic of your fireplace to a T.

Heat Resistant Tiles
Both ceramic and porcelain tiles are heat-resistant, making them perfect for your fireplace tile installation project. In fact, porcelain is simply a type of ceramic material that’s fired at a higher temperature and is therefore denser and less porous than standard ceramic. Porcelain is the premier tile of the heat-resistant tiles and comes in various designs or patterns so that you have numerous ones to choose from when installing your perfect fireplace tiles. You can also incorporate the porcelain tiles to expand outward away from your fireplace to create a hearth, where the area around the fireplace is layered with tiles or a ledge is created and elevated from the floor.

Fireplace Tile Designs
As with all of our tile services, we work to ensure that our clients have a wide range of different tile designs to choose from so that they can find the perfect tiles that accommodate their interior aesthetic. We offer you samples of tiles that you can compare to your existing interior as well as take home and fit them into your fireplace to see if you can imagine the tiles encompassing the entire space. We can also help with custom tile designs if you have a specific pattern or design in mind that we do not currently have an offer. You can also mix and match tile designs such as using mosaics for the fireplace surround, and using larger tiles for the hearth.

Fireplace Tile Maintenance and Repair
When it comes to maintaining your fireplace and all of its tiles, there’s really not much that you need to do aside from giving your tiles a quick cleaning from time to time. Your tiles will likely accumulate some level of dust, dirt, and debris, especially if you plan on using your fireplace regularly. The ash from the fireplace can blow out onto the tiles so it is important that you wipe it away when it has cooled. Failing to wipe away dark ash from your tiles can leave behind potential stains on your mortar, which can make your tiles look old or unkept.

Mosaic Tiles
Mosaic tiles are incredibly popular and a great way to add a pop of color, texture, and design to your interior space by creating a focal point around your fireplace. Since most fireplaces are central in a room, using mosaic tiles for your fireplace is an eye-catching way to draw attention to the room while also adding style and comfort and getting practical use out of your tiles.

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