Pool Tile Installation and Repair Detroit MI

Using tiles for your pool is a fantastic way to add custom designs and texture to your pool while also protecting it with a durable and water-resistant interior material. When choosing your pool tiles, you can select from porcelain or ceramic tiles, or even stone tiles if you want a more textured and natural effect. Tiles can be finished with an anti-slip finish to avoid skidding and slipping across the tiles when wet and to protect and enhance your safety and comfort.

Pool Tile Materials
As mentioned previously, you can choose from porcelain, ceramic, or stone tiles for your pool materials. We recommend the abovementioned types of tiles because they’re able to offer safety and comfort, as well as protection for the interiors of your pool and are easy to clean in case of debris or moss buildup. The tiles can then be installed all around your pool and even on the steps or stairs, as well as on ledges and the sides of the pool. You can consider tiles for your deck as well, if you want the transition between your pool and deck to look more natural.

Pool Tile Designs
If you want to go a step further in terms of appearance and beauty, you can also choose from mosaic tiles, which are more exotic and unique-looking but offer the same level of durability as the rest of the tiles because they’re often made from similar materials, such as ceramic. The installation of ceramic tiles requires more patience to ensure the designs are fitted together accordingly as well. We’ll help you choose from our selection of mosaic tiles so that you can find the ones that you love and a design or pattern that fits your pool’s aesthetic.

Pool Tile Repairs
While tiles are more durable and protective against moisture than other materials, they’re not completely invincible. For this reason, the longer you have pool tiles, the more likely you’re going to come in contact with the occasional loose or cracked tile. When this happens, we can offer professional tile repairs and replacements, where we remove the damaged tile and replace it with a new one. If your tile itself is not damaged but simply falling out of place, we can also assist in reattaching it to the surface so that your pool’s interior surface remains sleek and cohesive.

As with all of our tiles, our goal is to offer you a durable solution, no matter where you decide to install your tiles. For your pool specifically, we know that you invest in your pool so that you can get long-term use out of it and doing so with quality tiles is no different. That’s why we’re here to give you the best selection of premium pool tiles that come in various designs and patterns and offer you the beauty and strength you need for your pool. Our team can assist with pool tile installation and repairs to maintain the integrity of your pool.

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