Shower Tile Installation and Repair Detroit MI

Tiles continue to be one of the most popular materials used for showers of all sizes and shapes. Whether you have a walk-in shower or a shower-bathtub combo, you won’t be disappointed in the practicality and durability that tiles can offer for your shower. Tiles are easy to keep clean and don’t succumb to water damages as quickly as other materials do, such as wood or concrete. For this reason, you will likely see tiles being used in virtually any shower or shower-bathtub project, either for the interiors of the shower itself or as siding around the shower-bathtub area to protect the walls from water damage. In case you have a need for shower tile repair, we have variety of tiles to choose replace and exact match of your existing tile as well.

Walk-In Shower Tiles
For walk-in shower tiles, we often recommend using stone tiles that are gripped and better equipped to hold traction. This is because stepping into the shower on a wet and slippery surface can lead to falling and hurting yourself, if not careful. Stone tiles have a natural grip on them that allow you to have a soft finish and without slick tiles that provide no traction. We recommend glossy ceramic tiles for the siding and walls of the shower or shower-bathtub combo, but we want to keep you safe while in the shower and use more naturally-gripped tiles for the shower flooring. You can also consider matte finishes on ceramic tiles to achieve a similar effect.

Types of Shower Tiles
If you’re confused when hearing the phrases, ‘ceramic tiles,’ ‘porcelain tiles,’ or ‘stone tiles’ and don’t know the difference, we’re here to give you the rundown on each type of tile and its benefits. For showers, specifically, we often opt for ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, and stone tiles because they’re smaller and can be fitted to any level or natural curve inside of the shower that accommodates the location of the drain. Furthermore, you’ll want a tile that can be finished with a matte or natural-grip finish to avoid slipping on the tiles when wet. Mosaic tiles can also be used for the interiors of your shower, and if you have an open shower, the same tile used on your bathroom flooring can also double as the flooring for the shower.

We appreciate tiles for the shower because they’re easy to clean and keep clean. Think of how often you’ve replaced your shower tiles and how often you anticipate to do it in the future. We can guess, probably not often! That’s why you’ll want to invest in high-quality tiles for your shower upfront so you can avoid paying for repairs and constant replacements due to your tiles deteriorating. With the right material and the right finish, your tiles can be quick and easy to clean, and only require the swipe of a soft cloth and some cleaning solution.

Lastly, we’re committed to ensuring that you’re left with a shower floor that you can be proud of and comfortable with. Your shower floor should offer reliable safety as well, so that it’s never a hazard when stepping into your shower or walking into it on the new tiles. We have a selection of shower-friendly tiles for you to choose from and will give you all of your options and advice when it comes to choosing the perfect shower tiles for the flooring and the walls.

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