Bathroom Tile Installation Sterling Heights MI

Tiles have long been used for interior bathroom projects because they can provide long-term durability and are low maintenance. Ceramic tiles can also withstand exposure to moisture, making them the perfect bathroom building material that won’t easily succumb to water damages or deterioration. We appreciate using tiles in most interior bathroom projects because they are versatile in appearance and durable in use. We can use tiles throughout different surfaces in your bathroom, including on your countertops, along the edges of your walls, and even as the flooring.

Bathroom Flooring
When it comes to your bathroom flooring, you will want to choose a material that’s protective and can sustain exposure to moisture and water, since your bathroom will have condensation from the shower and splashes from the sink. Tile serves as the perfect material for bathroom areas because the surface of the tile itself does not deteriorate when constantly in contact with water and the mortar that holds the tiles together can also be sealed and kept tightly in place to protect your tiles. You can choose larger or smaller bathroom tiles, as well as designs that expand around the floors and even onto the walls.

Heated Tiles
Another tile feature that you may want to consider for your bathroom flooring project is adding heat to your tiles. Heated tiles aren’t tiles that themselves are warm, but instead are specific tiles that are layered over heated coils that warm up and therefore warm the tiles. Heated tiles serve as the perfect finishing touch to any bathroom because they allow you to step out of the cold bath or shower and onto warm tiles that are soft and comfortable. The heating element doesn’t burn your feet, but warms the tiles enough that you notice a difference between heated tiles and unheated ones.

Ceramic Tiles
For any tile project, we often recommend using ceramic tiles because they are efficient and come in various colors and patterns. Ceramic is often made from a clay-like material that’s been fired and solidified to hold its strength. We prefer using ceramic tiles because of their versatility and minimal upkeep, meaning you can spend more time enjoying them instead of repairing or replacing them. Ceramic tiles also offer an abundance of designs and patterns which make them pleasant for most style preferences and those who want to keep their floors looking great but without the high maintenance.

Porcelain Tiles
If you have a bigger budget to spend on your tiles, then you might want to consider porcelain tiles. The porcelain tiles look very similar to ceramic tiles, but can offer greater durability and also require little to no maintenance. Porcelain tiles are very elegant and because of their density, they can also offer more long-term usage because they do not require as many repairs and can withstand heavy weight and ongoing exposure to moisture and heat. Porcelain tiles are less porous than ceramic tiles and don’t absorb or trap water as much as standard ceramic tiles can, which makes them a top contender for bathroom tiles in the tiling industry.

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